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Et In Arcadia Ego

A Sphere Upon The White Pyramid
4 June 1987
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- A Gaze Into The Cage -

Sight shifts eternally upon this narrow road;
Few see the builders by the Houses, carving paths,
Their faces smeared as ours are, toiling bravely
For the benefit of growing animals, blindly grazing.
One day they will rise and ride the donkey into town,
One day they will not need to hide in shadow's embrace,
O testament of will, inverting our beliefs and making
Mockeries of deep wounds and heaving desires.
You will rise, my fellow phoenix, from the kindly fire,
From the burning tree upon which you lay in destiny.
You will toil no more, for ever shall you be in the
Cradle of Light, in pure acceptance, in completion of
Will. O tread the path now lightly and ever bear witness
To your ethereal body, seeking not to mar it with the
Imperfections of folly. Walk amidst the woods and see
With open eyes and hear with open ears the wisdom of the
Soul. Craft the star with willing Love and watch the
Darkened figures dissipate as they grope idly for their
Shadows or other cloaks that conceal their jaded nature.
Amend thy faults with grace and ever dip into the Pool
Of my deep embrace, never fearing to sink when
There is only growth, only rising above the stature of
A man, only rising on the spiral of our divinity.

"For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union."

- Liber AL Vel Legis, 1:29

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